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International Trends & Services

The Waterbury Chapter is focusing on the International issue of Human Trafficking.  This Global Issue impacts over 21 people per year across the world.


Our program, as a part of our umbrella programming, focuses on educating the youth we work with  under our Services to Youth facet as well as our Waterbury Community and our State.



provides outreach to women and girls in Haiti who were affected by the devastating 2010 earthquake through the distribution of Women’s Survival Kits. This initiative provides a direct and deliverable service to the Haitian community.


With the supplies needed for personal hygiene and daily living still difficult to secure, this initiative aims to provide basic survival kits to women and girls in Haiti so they can preserve their dignity. Each kit assembled by members of the Chapter contains fundamental items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and washcloths, that are too often taken for granted.




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